How to prevent drains clogging up.

Northern Beaches Blocked Drains



What NOT to do to prevent drains clogging up.

Food down the drain is an absolute no no. Rice and bread can swell up and get clogged easily so if you are tempted to rinse the plates with food on them, think again. Scrape the food waste into a food recycling bin first and then rinse.

Sink strainer are there for a reason so don’t be tempted to remove them. They catch those bits and pieces that can end up in the sink but if left to be washed away can cause all sorts of strife later on.

Of course we know oil should never be poured down the drain. It needs to be decanted into a pot or jar and placed in the general rubbish bin for disposal. As is the case with coffee grains. These easily build up and can cause blocked drains in no time so they also need to be disposed of in the bin or possibly can be placed in a garden bed.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of dishwashing powder you use. Too much can cause blockages and you want to eliminate anything that can lead to the drain clogging up.


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