Home remedies versus a professional fix

Northern Beaches Blocked Drains




It can be tempting to try and fixed blocked drains yourself.

Maybe a plunger will work, poking a bit of wire down the drain or even hot water and some sort of solution from the hardware will surely get things back to normal again?

Not necessarily so. In fact a home remedy may create more damage and be far more costly than calling in the professionals to look at your blocked drains in the fist place.

That’s because of the experience and equipment required to accurately diagnose and then fix any problem no matter what it is.

What you can’t see you tend not to worry about, but the ramifications of not knowing can lead to all sorts of other problems.

Hi tech equipment like closed circuit television cameras and high speed water jetters can sort out most issues. Knowing what the problem is means a targeted solution can be recommended. Not knowing leads to guesswork, frustration and ultimately no fix.

A CCTV can also pick up if the blocked drains are caused by seriously damaged or collapsed walls.

A professional will have the best solution for the problem at hand.

So getting the right advice and right fix for those blocked drains in the first place will ultimately help avoid undue frustration and unnecessary expense.

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