Keeping drains healthy

Northern Beaches Blocked Drains



Keeping drains healthy

Keeping our drains as healthy as possible is the best way to prevent annoying and possibly time consuming blockages.

But what’s the best way to go about it?

Following are some tips to help.

1) Smell. This is one of the first indications something is happening to prevent correct water flow.
Gunk build up needs to be removed as quickly as possible to prevent a more serious blockage from occurring.

2) Pooling in the garden. If you notice a damp or we patch that isn’t usually there on a dry
day then it could be an issue underground. Get it checked out straight away before it causes more serious and possibly expensive damage.

3) Mould or dampness on walls and floors. If the water isn’t draining away then it could be sitting in the pipe creating unwanted moisture. This can lead to the growth of mould spores that can irritate the lungs and cause serious health issues.

4) Increase in bugs. Sometimes small creatures are drawn to moisture and if the water isn’t flowing they can be attracted inside to access it. If you notice this is happening then call in the experts.

5) The best tip we could give you is that prevention is always better than cure.


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